October 9, 2023 News

Shook evolves operating structure to geographic-based model

Shook Regional Map

Since late 2020, Shook Construction has been working through a 2025 Strategic Plan focused on the long-term health and growth of the organization, consisting of three pillars: Operational Excellence, Capacity Building, and Intentional Growth. The organization has made significant progress within these three objectives, ultimately leading to the most recent and most significant change: the evolution of its operating structure to a geographic-based model.

Shook Regional Map
Shook Regional Map

Shook has utilized a market-based structure for the last 11 years to drive focus in its core markets: education, healthcare, industrial, and water resources. This focus has driven phenomenal growth for the organization, doubling revenue over the last five years to a $350M company. However, as the size of the company has grown, so has geographic complexity with employees and projects spanning across various regions. The new model is structured around four regions – Central, Midwest, Great Lakes, and Mid-Atlantic – and includes new positions for Regional Managers, Directors of Operations, and Project Executives in each region to support the growth.

“I am excited about the opportunities this shift in our operating model creates for Shook. The new structure will bring us one step closer to achieving best-in-class operations and creating standardization across our regions. It will better position our business unit leaders to be present – in the office, on our job sites, and in their relationships with our clients and our Shook teammates – as well as create new leadership opportunities for our people, both today and in the future.– Joe Mellon, Chief Operating Officer

While the operating structure will be shifted, the organization’s focus will remain on its core markets and serving both the clients and the community at the highest level.

“This enhanced structure supports the needs of the organization today and aligns with our strategy for the continued growth of the organization. We have a 97-year history of growth and transformation. We recognize that we must continue to evolve to achieve our Vision, to relentlessly build a company so exceptional that the best talent and clients in the world pursue us. However, our dedication to our clients and community remains steadfast as we focus on our Mission, To Dramatically Improve The Communities We Serve.” – Chris Halapy, President & CEO

Use the links below to learn about each of Shook’s regions as well as hear from regional leadership regarding the operational changes.