Shook provided CM at Risk services for Wayne HealthCare’s 81,000 SF new patient expansion and approximately 21,000 SF of renovation space. The project included 32 new patient rooms, six LDRP rooms, two antepartum rooms, three postpartum rooms, and a C-Section room. Additionally, a new wellness area includes an open exercise room with a track and turf facilities for in-patient physical therapy along with stress rooms, a clean supply room, echo room, EKG/EEG room, and a variety of office and clerical space.

CM AT RISK  |  $40 MILLION  |  102,000 SF

Wayne Healthcare Entry
Wayne Healthcare Patient Room


Shook was hired at the infancy of the project with a clear understanding of the existing facility limitations but no rigid program for how the new project should look. Working with both the client and project architect, Shook met with a cross-disciplined team of user groups to discover the specific needs for the program. As a result, three separate concepts were developed. Each concept was vetted for pros and cons, including high level cost information, which allowed the team to choose the best concept for the project. Shook then developed a detailed conceptual estimate, which allowed the owner and A/E to refine the project scope (and design) to the funds that were available for the project. A planned medical office building was removed from the overall program during this exercise but has been designed into the facility as a future phase.

Wayne Healthcare Patient Room
Wayne Healthcare Wellness Area


Once the program and concept had been finalized, the designer was authorized to move forward with schematic design. This phase of design went through a detailed value management process over several weeks including multiple Value Management Workshops led by a cross-functional team of preconstruction, design, construction, and facilities management professionals. At this phase, the budget was assigned a target value of $41.1MM.

The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) was entered into at the Design Development phase and came in approximately $1MM under the design’s target value. The designer then provided Construction Documents, which led to no change in the project’s budget or GMP. These dollars were returned to the owner to be used for additional scope or reallocated to other projects.

Wayne Healthcare Exterior Windows
Wayne Healthcare Courtyard


Shook was the Construction Manager at Risk for this project, overseeing 23 subcontractors. After breaking ground in April 2019, the construction took approximately 20 months to complete. Our crews continued work through the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic; while staffing and safety protocols changed quickly and required a greater level of oversight, our team adapted and completed the project according to our original schedule.

The site work was challenging, as the project was built over a 100-year-old main roadway with 100 years of existing utilities to navigate. This required our team to exercise extreme caution and careful planning during the foundation excavations. They had an open line of communication with the Site Engineers and Structural Engineers throughout the work, as utility feeds and foundation designs were constantly being altered. 

The building was complete with high-end finishes to provide a warm, welcoming environment to visitors of the facility. 

“This project was a huge success, which was a direct result of our top-notch subcontractors, the architect, the engineers, and the client all working together as a team with the same end goal in mind.” Eric Doench, Senior Project Manager, Shook Construction
Wayne Healthcare Nurses Station
Wayne Healthcare Exterior Angle
“Shook was engaged early in the conceptual planning process and worked hand in hand with our staff and design partner to validate the program and kick-off design process with all parties aligned. Throughout the process, we have appreciated Shook's partnership. The communication and team-centric approach that they have brought to the project has made the challenges that a complex healthcare presents very manageable. Our trust has been well placed.” – Jeff Subler, MBA, CHFM, President/CEO, Wayne HealthCare